Handpainting Yarn with Food Coloring in a Microwave

Handpainting Yarn with Food Coloring in a Microwave

Gorgeous handpainted yarns are sold in stores for a premium, so I am happy to present this tutorial on handpainting yarn so you can create your own stunning colorways. You will need wool yarn, vinegar, food coloring, plastic wrap, a microwave, a microwave safe plate and some containers to mix dye in. Rubber gloves are recommended if you want to avoid dyeing your hands as well. If you have ever tie dyed a T-shirt then transitioning to handpainting your own yarn will be a piece of cake!

(0:00) Introduction
(1:02) What you will need to hand paint yarn
(3:32) Mixing Food Coloring for handpainting
(8:00) Setting up your painting surface
(10:23) Hand applying dye to your yarn
(16:20) Wrapping up the yarn and heating in the microwave
(19:13) Unwrapping the yarn and rinsing
(21:18) The finished handpainted skein of yarn

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