Snow Dyeing Silk Hankies with KoolAid

Snow Dyeing Silk Hankies with KoolAid

Silk hankies are a single cocoon of silk stretched over a frame to use for spinning. These thin layers of fiber are stacked together into a thicker stack of fiber. These can be really fun to dye.

Today we are going to snow dye silk hankies with KoolAid! Watch and see how it turns out!

Video Contents (Skip ahead to the part you need!)
[0:00] Introduction and presoaking 6 g of 100% silk hankies
[1:25] Adding snow on top of the silk hankies
[2:48] Adding KoolAid to the snow
[4:43] 1.5 h after adding dye
[5:13] All Snow melted (overnight). Prepping fiber to heat to set the dye.
[7:36] After microwaving
[8:23] Washing the silk hankies
[9:50] Final reveal and conclusions

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